The Antfarm Quartet      -   h  o  m  e

Band members Tim Lekan (acoustic bass), Paul Jost (vocals and harmonica), Jim Ridl (piano), and Bob Shomo (drums) share a love of making music together that has inspired the recording of their latest cd:

The Antfarm Quartet Dialogues, pt. 2 (on the Dreambox Media label)

"High-level musicianship aside, the real charm of The Antfarm Quartet lies in their communal sensibilities - they sound like a real band. "Dialogues, pt. 2", is full of give-and-take, humility and warmth." - John Barron All About Jazz 11/07

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• ..."there is a rare kind of communication, both inner and outer, on display here. An...attunement. ...these Dialogues are one set of soulful conversations that you’ll want to eavesdrop on many times over." - Buster Maxwell Woman's Journal 10/07

• "This album is going to appeal both to seasoned lovers of mainstream jazz and younger audiences who like their music with a touch of twisted-ness." - Victor L. Schermer All About Jazz 10/07


Dialogues, pt. 2 is available through this website


The Antfarm Quartet is Tim Lekan, Bob Shomo, Jim Ridl, Paul Jost